New Year New You

It's a New Year and have you made New Year Resolutions?  It's week 3 and have you stuck to it??

It's hard to do one thing and stick with it for the rest of the year, right?  So if you already fallen off the wagon, it's not too late think, maybe open up that resolution and be more general.  What I mean is instead of -"I'm going to start working out more", or "eat healthier" or "drink more water", how about just being good to yourself?

As a skin health professional all of those above affect your skin - exercise, diet and water consumption.  So how about just making a resolution to invest in yourself?   Where one goal can lead to a tunneled focus and failing, how about thinking of just taking care of you?  That includes making healthier choices, drinking water instead of soda, working out more.   OR investing in yourself can include getting regular facials, or laser treatments to improve skin look and feel.  Those are ways to invest in you. There is only one of you and if you start now - think down the road what you don't have to do because you take great care of yourself.   But don't be stingy - reward yourself too - Pizza and dessert still call my name . . .

I started this mantra - invest in myself.  It's been a good start to the new year.  As a result my skin is less irritated than normal -and it has cleared up quicker.  So in doing what I think one thing for myself was to just to eat healthier - making better food decisions - especailly after all the junk I ate during the holidays - it gives more pleasure to think I am doing something to better myself than being stuck to a resolution of one thing.  

So invest in yourself and ultimately you will be investing in great skin too!!

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