West Texas Medical Aesthetics offers a variety of highly effective injectable skin solutions, ranging from Botox® to PRP (platelet-rich plasma), as well as hair restoration using PRP.

Our injectables are handled by Kelli Duriex, MSN, RN-BC (read more about Kelli). She is certified in Advanced Injectables, including the treatments described above.

Injectables are great solutions and include:

  • Botox® - highly effective at reducing or eliminating a variety of wrinkles & creases;
  • PRP Techniques - Read more about this solution which uses your own body's agents to help rejuvenate your skin, or to help curb or reverse hair thinning and hair loss;
  • Lip enhancement;
  • Other advanced techniques customized to you, your goals and skin type.

During your free consultation, we will discuss all the options with you and answer all of your questions.


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